Reports By Hospital

These reports are designed to help consumers, patients and their families make better healthcare decisions. Through this information, made available by Hospital Compare, you can compare hospital performance to help make a better decision on where to receive your healthcare. However, this information should not be your only source – you should talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about the quality of a hospital’s care.

From the menu at the right you can select a central Indiana hospital and see how it compares on numerous different measures. With each measure, you’ll see how the hospital compares to others in Indiana and at the national level.

Quality measures are important because they allow you to:

  • Talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about the quality of care at Indiana hospitals. Some hospitals specialize in treating certain conditions or performing certain procedures, your doctor or healthcare provider can guide you is selecting the best hospital for your condition.
  • Understand why your physician may recommend a specific hospital for surgery. Your physician should also be able to provide information about your surgeon and how many surgeries they perform each year.
  • Learn about other patients’ experiences with hospital. Many hospitals survey their patients in regards to hospital satisfaction. The more information you gain the better you can feel about your choice.
  • Ask questions. Using information from this site, as well as family and friends, you’ll be able to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about any questions or concerns you may have.