Quality Health First

The Indiana Health Information Exchange, in conjunction with the Central Indiana Alliance for Health, is committed to helping report the impact the Quality Health First® Program has on the community. The goal of the Quality Health First (QHF) Program is to improve patient care by giving providers tools and information to monitor patients’ health and wellness and better manage chronic diseases.

In over 50 communities in Indiana, more than 1,500 physicians are using the Quality Health First Program to help them identify, prevent and manage these conditions, and other conditions in their patients. Patients needing interventions are flagged for their providers, allowing them to make the best care decisions possible.

The QHF Program is unlike any other similar public reporting effort in the country for several reasons:

  • The QHF Program provides a truly comprehensive community report. It includes over 1 million patients, including those with and without health insurance.
  • Physician practices are able to review and verify the data in the quality measure performance reports provided to them. The physician is able to update the data on the basis of information contained in the patient medical records on file.
  • The QHF Program provides physicians and patients with comprehensive health data to help improve the health of the community by monitoring and managing chronic diseases.

Please visit the IHIE website, for the latest community results.