Physician Resources

The foundation for improving healthcare for Hoosiers lies in the measurement of care and outcomes. When we have a full understanding of our successes and pitfalls, we can begin to advance so that everyone has high quality healthcare. Physicians gain an understanding of their effectiveness and can create a clear plan for improvement.

At Central Indiana Alliance for Health:

  • Physicians and healthcare leaders work together to adopt measures that are consistent and nationally endorsed.
  • Data comes directly from medical records and charts that are randomly sampled, as opposed to those only available from insurance claims.
  • Measures challenge hospitals, physicians and their patients to improve.
  • Public reporting highlights successes and encourages the use of best practices.

But, our effort doesn’t end there. We’ll work to educate health system personnel on the importance of collecting and reporting demographics and health outcomes uniformly. And we’ll be working to educate patients to become more proactive and engaged consumers.