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New Report Lets Consumers Compare Hospitals by Heart Failure Treatment

CIA4H now lets consumers, patients and their families compare local hospitals based on their treatment of several measures related to heart failure. The information is designed to give these stakeholders a better understanding of where the proper location to receive healthcare would be.

Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support the needs of the body. Heart failure is a serious condition, but it does not mean that the heart has stopped beating.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 5.8 million people in the United States have heart failure. About 670,000 people are diagnosed with it each year and one in five people who have heart failure die within one year from diagnosis. Read More »

CIA4H Provides Consumers with Hospital Comparisons

In an effort to help consumers, patients and their families make better healthcare decisions, CIA4H has made data, provided from Hospital Compare, available online to assist in determining the proper location to receive care.

CIA4H does emphasize that this information shouldn’t be the only source – patients should talk with their doctor or healthcare provider about the quality of a hopsital’s care as well.

But, by comparing hospital on specific quality measures, both locally and nationally, consumers will be better prepared to: Read More »

Consumer Spotlight: Keith Reissaus

“There are far too many stories of poor health care in America.”

Keith Reissaus, consumer advocate for CIA4H, knows all too well the urgent need for a health care system that provides patient-centered, coordinated care – and the importance of being an informed patient and involved advocate. That’s because he’s experienced the consequences of misdiagnoses, poor quality care and a lack of communication with and among health care providers. Read More »

Implementing Real Change Right Here In Central Indiana

Congress may have passed a bill to transform the nation’s healthcare system, but the Central Indiana Alliance for Health has already been working to make changes locally.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and our various partnering organizations, we have been able to make real progress right here in Indiana.

The real work of reform will be done here at the local level where care is delivered. So, what exactly are we doing in Indiana to improve our healthcare system? Read More »