About Us

Central Indiana has some of the best doctors, hospitals and research facilities in the country. Still, some Hoosiers – our family, friends and neighbors – are not getting the high-quality care they need and deserve. That’s why Central Indiana Alliance for Health is working to improve the care people in Indiana receive. CIA4H, part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation community, is seeking to increase the overall quality of healthcare in targeted communities, reduce racial and ethnic disparities and provide models for national reform. We know that changing our healthcare system won’t be easy. That’s why our leadership team is made up of people who get care, give care and pay for care. Together we will create the solutions that lead to better, more affordable healthcare for everyone in Central Indiana.

At the heart of this effort is the local business community. Poor-quality care in this country leads to as many as 45 million avoidable sick days a year-the equivalent of 180,000 full-time employees. We need businesses like yours—the people who purchase healthcare—to help create a healthier and more productive workforce. We also need businesses to increase accountability for the delivery, purchase and consumption of healthcare in our community.

Hard work lies ahead of us and everyone in our community will have to play a role in transforming the future of our healthcare system. We all have a stake in improving the healthcare system and together we will be successful.