Implementing Real Change Right Here In Central Indiana

Congress may have passed a bill to transform the nation’s healthcare system, but the Central Indiana Alliance for Health has already been working to make changes locally.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and our various partnering organizations, we have been able to make real progress right here in Indiana.

The real work of reform will be done here at the local level where care is delivered. So, what exactly are we doing in Indiana to improve our healthcare system?

  • Building Strong Partnerships: Along with 16 other communities across the country, CIA4H is working with local doctors, nurses, hospitals, employers, insurance plans and residents to help people in Central Indiana get better care.
  • Educating Our Community: We are educating our community about what healthcare quality means. We also want people to know that they have a right to expect high-quality healthcare. We all want the best schools for our children, but we don’t always expect the best healthcare.
  • Helping Healthcare Providers: We are working with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers in our community to improve the care that they deliver. Healthcare providers want to deliver high-quality care, but may not have the tools and resources to do so. For the first time in Indiana, we are able to show our community what our healthcare system looks like. Through community reports (link), we will be able to show how people with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, are being cared for. We will also be able to help providers identify ways to deliver better care for better health outcomes.

The discussions around healthcare reform will continue, but CIA4H is already working with key players in our community to foster real change. If you would like more information on our work, or would like to get involved, please contact Nancy Meadows, CIA4H project director, at